Hello my name is Naomi Kamat and I am a lover of life and photography.


I had an adventurous childhood on the west coast of Ireland, regularly visiting new places and meeting new people. I have always had a fascination with hearing and collecting other people’s stories. I come from an artistic family so it was no surprise when I chose to study fine art and it was then that I began exploring my interest in storytelling through creating visual narratives.

My first encounter with a photography darkroom came about when I was exploring one such narrative, my childhood on the west coast. I decided to experiment with a family heirloom, a ‘Brownie Box Camera’ passed down from my great grandfather. Upon developing my first roll of film and printing my first photograph I knew I was in love! Realising that such beautiful images could come from a roll of film, a tin box and some light was sheer magic in my eyes. I haven’t looked back since! I moved to New York and began collecting analogue cameras in thrift stores and quirky collector’s emporiums. With a myriad of cameras in tow, I immersed myself in the light and shapes of the vast city, documenting and learning about the communities and characters of New York.

Brimming with inspiration and excitement, I returned to Ireland and began to study photography. This time was pivotal for me and further enhanced my ability to see and capture the beautiful subtleties of everyday life. Working with film and printing by hand will always be a big part of my life, it was my first love after all! It gives me an appreciation for the beauty and nuances of natural light, which strongly influences the way I photograph digitally.


I owe my outlook on life to my darling mother, a musician who taught me the importance of real human connection in this fast paced and demanding world. The quiet bond that exists between kindred spirits inspires a lot of my creative work and this informs my approach to wedding photography. I love the beauty and elegance of a wedding day and the opportunity to capture the little intimate moments and pure uninhibited celebration!

I approach each wedding with a documentary style capturing the day as it unfolds. I understand the importance of creating some time and space for my clients to be themselves amongst all the chaos and festivities. When the time is right, we can take a walk in the surroundings or skip off for a few minutes to make use of the natural light and take a breath.

With an artistic sensitivity and weakness for romance, I would be honoured to capture the love, happiness and soul of your wedding day.

Lets tell your story together.

Naomi x



Wedding Image


I am based in Cork, Ireland and am available for weddings and commissions nationally and internationally.

If you would like to find out more about me and my work or for detailed pricing information please fill out the form below.

Phone: +353 860 527 368

Email: naomi@naomikamat.com